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Secure payment

Your payment is secured with 3D Secure and strong authentication.

Complies with the European DSP2 standard with double authentication.

How it works :
Step 1: enter banking information
As with any transaction on a merchant site, in the order payment area, you must enter:

– your card number,

– the date of validity thereof,

– the visual cryptogram (3 digits on the back of the card).

Step 2: authentication of the transaction

A new window will then open, with your bank's logo. 

It redirects you to the site of your bank to confirm your identity, 
with the authentication process set up by it. According to the most common procedure,
your bank sends you a single-use code by SMS.
You enter the information requested in the input screen.
You have to enter the code sent by SMS and the password to access your bank account.
When authentication is confirmed by your bank, the payment is authorized and the transaction is finalized.