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List of products by brand Kerastase

Brand: Kerastase


Fortifying Nutri Bath 250 ml

The Nutri-Fortifying Bath is an anti-hair loss shampoo formulated for dry and/or thick hair, weakened or prone to reactive fall.
It is developed from native Edelweiss cells and ginger roots.

It gently cleanses the scalp and removes pollution particles. It intensely nourishes and untangles the hair without weighing it down while preventing hair loss.
This shampoo also strengthens the hair fiber to ensure better resistance.

250ml format ideal for use at home.

Brand: Kerastase


The Bain Extensioniste is a booster shampoo formulated for all types of hair looking for beautiful lengths. It is formulated from Creatine R® and Taurine.

This formulation improves the strength of the fiber core, protects the inside of the hair and helps fight the weakening of the fiber.

It allows to get up to 4cm more in just 3 months and repair the lengths.
It reduces forks by 78% and breakage by 99%.

500ml format ideal for regular use.